Jamie Lenman – All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too

Burning the bridge, taking a knife to the phone line
Cutting the cords, Sawing a chunk out the struts in the old mine
Chickening out, or stopping the rot if, you know when?
Whichever way, you won’t have to deal with it ever again

It’s a ruthless and hard way to be
Severing people like limbs off a tree
I’ve never hidden the way that I am
A selfish, gutless, spiteful, but honest man

If you let me know, I’ll let it be
But it can’t go on indefinitely
'Turn the other cheek', we learn
My problem is I’ve only got so many to turn

I’ll hold this grudge ‘til death
Curse you with my last breath
I’ll process and reject 
'til I've got no one left
My doctor thinks it’s best 
If I get this off my chest
'cause this whole mess 
Is making me depressed”

Anonymous asked:
Do you miss anything/anyone?

atm my girlfriend :)